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input / output

6 Channels balanced RCA inputs
2 Channels RCA Auxiliary Inputs
Accepts from .5 to 26 Volts
TosLink SPDIF Optical Input
Cirrus Logic CS4271 DAC
ST Micro STA308A Audio DSP
8 Channels output at 6 Volts RMS
OEM Integration Features

Speaker level inputs up to 26 Volts RMS
Channel Summing to combine active signal ranges to a single full range signal
Voltage Sensitive EQ Band/Ch to correct factory active Equalization
Adjustment by channel or by channel pair
10 bands parametric equalization for each Channel
Choose a frequency or type in your own
Adjustable Q 0.5 to 10 • ± 15dB adjustment each band
Digital Electronic Crossover for each output channel
HP/LP/BP/Full Range selectable
6dB to 36dB/Octave slopes
Butterworth or Linkwitz / Riley design
Time Delay for each output channel to .01mm or =3mm
Voltage sensitive EQ band lets you compensate for OEM equalized systems
Phase control in steps at 0°, 45°, 90°, and 180°
Muting by Channel or Channel pair
Isolate the channel you are working with and turn the rest off.
Dimensions in Inches : 7.9(W) x 2.3(H) x 8.6(L)

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